Rob Scott
Rob is a graphic designer from Orange County, California, with a background in branding, typography, t-shirt graphics, web design, email marketing, and print. He is self-motivated, but loves creative collaboration and being inspired by other designers. There's always something new and creative happening out in the world, and he never ceases to be amazed at how design continues to evolve and stay fresh. He has admittedly found himself online for hours, browsing fonts and hand-lettered artwork and admiring the unique beauty in every piece.

In a fast-moving world where deadlines are becoming tighter and tighter, Rob has learned how important it is to know when to stop thinking and start doing; sometimes the best plan of action is to just begin. He focuses on communicating his creative process—it's not only his responsibility as a designer to show "what" looks good, but communicate "why" and "how" it works.

Other than design, some of Rob's favorite things in life include traveling, beach days, good movies, hanging with his family, and trying new kinds of food.